Saturday, September 13, 2008

Girls Day Out!~

Yesterday, me, ana and nabila went out. They accompanied me to Maybank Islamic which located in Bangi. After that, we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya. Ana and Nabila never been there, so they're excited when i'm offer to bring them to Alamanda. Funny :)!~

When we reached there, nabila and ana like "jakun". Hahahah. **kidding** They're captured pics every each store in Alamanda!~ **IMAGINE!** Alamak. Malu jer!~

Bile pikir2 balik.. If I'm in they position, maybe i will do same thing kot like what they was did.

Here is some pics that we captured in Nichhi store!~

** me infront of mirror**

** Nabila, besides me!~**

owh me!~

** Nabila, me, Ana ** :)

** me jer tak nampak Gigi.heheh **

Ive tried the new "sunglass" style. Here is some very funny pics! Hahahaha.. Lawaks giler!~: