Monday, May 4, 2009

An Accident at MRR2

Tensen aku. Benci gile. Tadi sudah langgar kereta org daaa.. kete serena. Org tuh mintak rm400.Org kelantan. aku ajak dah g bengkel aku kt bangi, die kate bz. hampeh! :(( seriously, i'm not in mood right now.

notaKaki: sampai skrg tangan masih menggigil dan rasa sangat phobia utk memandu lagi. :((((

Note For You Mr. -X-.

Please call me back. All of your previous examination result currently in my hand. I'm trying to call you, but its failed.I went to your house, but nobody was there. So, please contact me if you're seriously want your stuff. Thank you.