Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fremantle And The City

I'm still in Perth. Here, ive learned alots. Love to start my 2011 Journey with 3 places. Malaysia, Singapore, KL. After this, next to Darwin. I miss my Family, Aziz and Friends. Miss alot my Buya, my Ummi n my Wafi. Not forget to my Fiance. What i'm doing here actually? Later everybody will know. Foranow, only certain people knows what im doing here. Of course not for vocation. since my friends was here too, we took a chance to hang out together. I met qila and daniel here. Daniel becomes Permanant Resident here! waw. And qila will going back To KL on next February. and me? will going back before my solemnization or maybe early. depends.

Ok peeps. i gotta go. need to packing all my stuff to move out from here. ! dadaaaa!

footNote: I'm always thinking about my future. What is gonna happen after this. -_-